Iglesia de la Encarnacion

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This church’s architecture is a splendid example of the transition from the Gothic to the Renaissance style that is so predominant in the churches built after the conquest in this region. It was designed by Diego de Siloé with the help of his pupil Juan de Maeda. It was built between 1542 and 1573 of light brown ‘almendrilla’ stone local to the area.

This building has grand dimensions. Its simple structure with Renaissance proportions includes a sturdy bell tower and an elegant façade with classic sculptures of Diego de Pesquera. Inside there is a remarkably wide nave, with a vaulted ceiling, pillars and side chapels, where some particularly beautiful Baroque paintings are located. One that is of particular interest is of the Virgin and child in the style of Alonso Cano. There are also a number of other images and silver work, as well as relics of the cult of San Rogelio, patron saint of the town.


Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Íllora
Postcode: 18260

Opening times:

During Mass times.
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