Iglesia de la Encarnación

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This church was built in a perfect circle, at the top end of which is a small rectangular building that houses the main chapel. This is the only church, other than the Pantheon of Rome, that has just a single stone to close the dome.

It was built in the reign of Carlos III. Work began in 1786 and was finished in 1802. It is popularly known as ‘La Rotonda’. On either side there are two small rooms, one that is a sacristy, with the tower that rises up behind the chapel. On the opposite side there is another rectangular room, where there are the stairs that lead up to the choir.

This is a fine example of neoclassical architecture. It is a large and sturdy building made of stone and is considered one of the most interesting projects in the area by the architect Domingo Lois de Monteagudo . The church is dedicated to the local patron saint, the Virgen de los Remedios..


Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Montefrío
Postcode: 18270
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