Puerto Lobo Visitor Centre – Sierra de Huétor Natural Park

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The Centro de Visitantes Puerto Lobo stands inside the Sierra de Huétor Nature Park, near a recreational area of the same name and several signposted tourist paths.

Inside there is an exhibition offering an insight into the natural heritage of this relatively young limestone mountain range that has been moulded by the erosive effect of water into a karst system of caves, galleries and stalactites. The same water that seeped down into the rock later re-emerges in crystalline springs which from Moorish times onwards were channelled through water conduits known as acequias (like the one at Aynadamar) to supply the city of Granada.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Víznar
Address: Parq. Nat. de la Sierra de Huétor. Ctra. Víznar a Puerto Lobo km. 43
Postcode: 18179


Tel: 958 540426
Móvil: 657 279898
Web: Acceder a su web
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