Narváez Visitor Centre – Sierra de Baza Natural Park

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This visitor centre is housed in an elegant, classical style early 20th century building at the heart of the Sierra de Baza Nature Park.

In it, visitors can learn about the biodiversity of the surrounding Sierra, and how its varied flora is influenced by factors such as differences in altitude, climate or relief.

One section of the exhibition is dedicated to local archaeological sites and evidence of Man’s early presence in the area. There is also a display of craft products donated by the local people to demonstrate traditional activities in the Park.



Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Municipality: Baza
Address: Parque Natural Sierra de Baza. A-92, km. 324
Postcode: 18800


Tel: 958002018 - 670949067
Fax: 958002010
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