Centro de Visitantes El Dornajo

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Sierra Nevada National Park Visitors Centre.

Through the eyes of illustrious figures, scientists and romantic travellers, why not take a historical journey through the mountains and discover the rich natural and cultural heritage of the area? You can see why the Sierra Nevada is considered to be a sanctuary of biodiversity of global significance,due to itshigh number of nativewildlife species.

Take an ethnographic tour of the region’s traditional activitiesincluding agriculture, mining or understanding the medicinal uses of mineral and thermal waters. You can also see one of the wagons of the first tram that ran through this mountain range – a real boost for tourism in the area.

At the Dornajo Centre you can also go on the longest hiking route in the country, Sulayr, running from Granada to Almeria. Another option is to visit the viewpoint and the botanical gardens of Cortijuela.


Region: Sierra Nevada
Municipality: Güéjar Sierra
Address: Ctra. Sierra Nevada, km 23
Postcode: 18160


Fax: 958340625
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