The Megalithic Constructions Interpretive Centre

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Gorafe has 240 Neolithic dolmens in 10 different cemeteries. This makes it the largest concentration of prehistoric mounds in the whole Spain. The municipality has created a Megalithic Park with several trails and a megalithic education centre called Centro de Interpretación del Megalitismo.

The centre explains in detail the chronological and cultural context of the Megalithic period, the people that built the Megalithic monuments and when and how they lived.

The centre is located in the basement of a large plot of land measuring 2,000 m2, from which you can get amazing views of the valley of Gorafe. The design of the centre, with its corridor and main chamber, was inspired by a megalithic tomb.

The centre has five rooms and is supported by the latest technology and audio-visual resources. Using Bluetooth on their mobile phones, visitors can download an app containing information about the three park routes or the 3D video called ‘5000 years ago…’, which explains the aspects of life and death in the area of Gorafe.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Gorafe
Postcode: 18890


Tel: 616 944605 - 958 693159
Fax: 958 693006
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