Fiestas del Cristo de la Yedra (Moros y Cristianos)

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The Cristo de la Yedra is the main festival in Válor. The celebrations last for four days and include events such as the descent of the saint and the procession through the town, as well as street parities and other cultural and leisure activities. The re-enactment of the battle between the Moors and Christians is performed as well.

Válor, the hometown of Aben-Humeya, is one of the oldest and most famous towns of Spain, both because of its colourful atmosphere and because of the violent battles that took place here long ago.

The play is performed in the main square of the town, using a text by the writer from Granada called Enriqueta Lozano who lived last century. Members of the same families perform the different roles over generations. The performance is divided into two parts, in the first the Moors enjoy a victory and in the second the Christians re-conquer the castle. After the defeat, the Moorish king converts to Christianity and both sides accompany the image of the patron saint around the square together.


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