Celebrations of the Capitulations

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In this celebration acts of cultural nature where the historical past of the city stands out take place. It is necessary to remember that it was in Santa Fe where the Catholic Kings and Columbus negotiated the conditions that would mean later the discovery of America. Among the different activities developed this day it is necessary to emphasize the different conferences, exhibitions and visits.

The Capitulations of Santa Fe were signed by Isabel the Catholic the 17th of April of 1492 authorizing and financing the expedition to the Indians by the sea towards the West of Columbus. On this document he is named admiral and general-governor in all the territories that he discovered or won during his life, naming as heirs to his successors for life. He was also given a part of the tax of all the merchandises that he could found, won and it had in the conquered places.

Santa Fe is the city founded over the camp that Isabel and Fernando the Catholic established as headquarters for the conquest of Granada and the capitulations were signed on the last days of the siege of the city.


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