Celebrations of San Marcos

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Nowadays, the ceremonial of the celebrations is conserved almost identical to the one described by Gerald Brenan in his book To the south of Granada. In the traditional parade between Bérchules and Alcútar, the patron of the grazing animals leaves accompanied by another of the more loved saints in this town dedicated eminently to the agriculture: San Isidro Labrador. Next to the carvings the cattle and the animals of farming are also made march, which on this day they receive the blessing of their patron. Meanwhile, among the assistants the typical rolls of San Marcos are distributed, equally blessed.

Many emigrants of the area who in the last decades marched to territories of El Ejido, in the Almeria coast come to the celebrations. In fact, the celebrations are put a week ahead now in the Granada’s district so they do not coincide with those of the Almeria’s town, where San Marcos and San Isidro enjoy the same fervour and almost the same believers that in Bérchules.


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