Corpus Christi

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This is the biggest celebration in Granada. For a whole week there are all kinds of attractions and parades, kicked off by the Tarasca procession with its giants. The highlight of the week takes place on Thursday with the La Custodia procession.

Introduced by the Catholic Kings after the Reconquista, Corpus Christi soon became the main celebration of the city. There is the main processional parade on Thursday, but the festive programme extends from midnight of the previous Saturday, when the lights are turned on, until the following Sunday. The celebrations last for nine days in all.

On the eve of the main day, the La Tarasca takes place highlighting the mix of Christian and pagan traditions.  A female mannequin is dressed up in the fashion of the following summer, mounted on the back of a dragon and escorted by giants.

On the Thursday our attention is turned to the traditional, religious origins of the celebrations. The procession is made up of horses, giants, music bands and folkloric groups as well as the religious orders of the city. The Custodia by Diego de Valladolid is taken through the streets over which a constant shower of rose petals is sprinkled. Several regiments, drummers and bugle players escort the flag of the Catholic Kings, the royal shield and coat of arms, and the civilian, military and religious authorities.

During the entire week the ‘Carocas’ are on display in the Plaza Bib-Rambla, where drawings and poems about the main events of the year are made and written. The fairground in the Almanjáyar district is also very popular. There are horse parades in the mornings, fair attractions in the afternoons and a festive atmosphere at night. At midnight on Sunday, a monumental firework display takes place, marking the end of the celebration until the following year.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
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