Fiestas en honor a San Antón Abad (Mosqueteros del Santísimo)

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The procession of the Hermandad de Los Mosqueteros del Santísimo escorts the Blessed Sacrament through the town. This custom dates back to 1566, following the attacked during the uprising of the Moors, when the Christians rescued the Blessed Sacrament that had been stolen by the Muslims. This festival, held the second week in September, is celebrated with processions, street parties and fireworks.

Beznar, in Lecrín, has one of the most original festivals in the province. Their tradition of the Musketeers dates back to the 16th century. The festival came about to commemorate the recovery of Viaticum stolen by the Moors by Juan of Austria. The muskets used in the celebration are the original ones used in 1572. They are passed down from generation to generation, but today only 13 or the 35 are the original guns.

From beginning to end, the muskets do not stop sounding, fired by members of the Hermandad del Santisimo. They run through the two districts of the town wearing their characteristic hats of paper flowers and eye-catching coats. The sergeant and lieutenant of the Brotherhood take part in the ‘Ceremonia de la Cortesia’ in front of the church, before paying tribute to the Blessed Sacrament. At sunset, there is a loud firing of all the muskets.


Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipality: Béznar
Postcode: 18657
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