Celebration of the Hornazos

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In the previous days to the celebration, the women are dedicated to elaborate in the different bakeries the popular and tasteful hornazos and olive oil buns of the region. When Easter Sunday arrives, the people go to the anejo of Marchena, at dawn. The villagers carry wine, guitars and drums, and the women, baskets filled with hornazos and other food. In the morning they usually have potatoes of the area roasted in bonfires and watered with abundant wine. At noon, and without having stopped eating, the villagers of Durcal prepare choto al ajillo or barbecued pork chops. At the end of the afternoon is when the families take from their baskets and purses the hornazos, the oil buns and the chocolate and raisins. It is tradition to throw the egg that the hornazo has inside to the closest friend or neighbour. The next day the celebration continues, but this time in the place of Arenillas, next to the river, where people meet to continue tasting the popular hornazos.


Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipality: Dúrcal
Postcode: 18650


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