Celebration of the Animas

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In the north-western border of the old Kingdom of Granada, at the foot of the La Sagra mountain range and almost 200 kilometres from its capital, in the limit with the provinces of Jaén, Albacete, Murcia and Almeria, quite a few leagues inland and at no less than 1,164 meters of altitude over sea level, Puebla de don Fadrique does not have repairs, nevertheless, in dedicating its main and more archaic celebrations to a figure as marine as the Virgen del Carmen. As strange as it seems, the centennial picture of this Virgin that is conserved in the town serves as guide every Christmas to the thousands of villagers, emigrants and curious which they gather together here to perpetuate one of most ancestral, pure and native traditions that has been able to survive in our land the pass of centuries.

Considered of great anthropological value, by its antiquity as much as by its musical and folkloric idiosyncrasy, with clear Navarrese-Aragonese influences contributed by the re-populators of the XV century, the celebrations of La Puebla, although dedicated to the Virgen del Carmen, are celebrated under the invocation of the Animas Benditas and coinciding with Christmas, from Christmas Eve to the 29, being the most important moment the “Day of the Innocents”, day of the Animas Benditas.

Its main characters are the members of the Brotherhood of Animas, founded to support the masses that they are celebrate in the town every Sunday and bank holiday of the year, and the “cascaborras”, heirs of the old guard in charge to control the Moorish. These take their name from the instrument that they carry, the “cascaborra”, formed by a wood of which hangs a clapper of stuffed skin of flock, with which they “menace” the people to obtain alms for the Animas. In addition it is the group of the Innocents, formed by two mayors and two ministers of the time of the French occupation. All of them, accompanied by the musicians and with the Virgen del Carmen as flag, cross the town early in the morning waking the villagers up and asking for alms for the Animas.

The same objective has also the Dance of the Animas, which is danced in front of the hermitage of the Santo Angel and in which, giving money, everybody has the right to take whoever out to dance, and nobody can refuse. The awakeners, the “cascaborras”, the dance of the Animas, everything in these celebrations of Puebla de don Fadrique is prepared to collect money to care the cemetery during the rest of the year.


Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Municipality: Puebla de don Fadrique
Postcode: 18820
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