Celebration of San Marcos

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San Marcos, not being the patron of the town, has the biggest celebrations enjoyed in the place. The most typical and famous of these days is the tasting of the traditional stew of San Marcos, the 24th, which is distributed to all the assistants for free, and it is eaten in fountains in great tables located at the main square. During the days of the celebration they also distribute among the participants chocolate, refreshments, sandwiches, pies and dry fruits.

One of the most outstanding events is the delivery and launching of the Rolls of San Marcos that takes place on the 25th. They are blessed by the parish priest and they are given to the those ones who have attended the mass. Later, several twisted roll sacks are thrown by the sanmarqueros to the multitude congregated at the main square. According to tradition these bread rolls serve to mitigate the damage caused by storms. In the stormy days of the summer they put in the windows twisted rolls kept during the year so that the saint protected the house.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Lugros
Postcode: 18516


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