Celebration of “El Palo” (San Hermenegildo)

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Alquife, the mining town of Granada par excellence, from whose insides they removed, until not long ago, 40% of the national production of iron, has underlined in red colour in its calendar the date of the 13th of April. It has as patron a saint as original and uncommon as San Hermenegildo, in whose honour the “Celebration of El Palo” is organized from immemorial time.

Coinciding with the closest weekend to the 13th, the festive acts occupy two days. In the first one they take the saint out in a nocturnal parade, whereas in the second one, the parade occurs under the light of the day, to finish with the traditional “burn of El Palo”. “El Palo” is a hollow trunk as large as the old posts of the light, and stuffed in its interior with all the rockets that fit, normally between 300 and 400. When the wick is lit, everything happens in a matter of seconds, but the deafening roar and the spectacle of the rockets leaving the way they can, will remain in the memory of the villagers until the following year.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Alquife
Postcode: 18518
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