Celebration in honour of the Santisima Virgen de la Cabeza

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In Zújar, the Moors and Christians celebrations get complete with the romería to the Sanctuary of the Virgin in the Jabalcon hill. The anonymous and versified text that is shown in Zújar shares title with the one shown in Benamaurel. It has the title of “Captivity and rescue of Our Lady of the Head”. The Superior Council of Scientific researches was interested in the work and financed an edition.

The celebration includes the romería to the top of the Jabalcon to descend the Virgin from its hermitage to the place known as the Erilla Empedrada. From there they take the carving out in a parade around the streets of the town until the main square, where a spectacular floral offering is made.


Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Municipality: Zújar
Postcode: 18811


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