Cueva de los Siete Palacios

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This is a domed complex that is part of the buildings surrounding the hill of San Miguel. It is one of the most important Roman urban remains in Spain and is now the site of the MunicipalArchaeologicalMuseum.

In the 3rd century BC the Romans came to Almuñécar in an attempt to expand their territories. However, it was only two centuries later that Sexi underwent significant urban redevelopment that addressed the needs and customs of a real Roman town. It was at this time that the construction of the aqueduct took place, providing more fresh water to local industry. This was when the theatre, the forum and the main temple of the town were completed.

Due to the limited space to build these public buildings, a platform was built over the crest of the hill, which was supported by a set of substructures. These cave-like structures are still partly lived in today, and the Cueva de los Siete Palacios (Cave of Seven Palaces) – so called because of its central dome surrounded by seven others – is used as the museum.


Region: Costa Tropical
Municipality: Almuñécar
Address: San Joaquín s/n. Barrio San Miguel
Postcode: 18690


Tel: 607 865466
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E-mail: culturalmunecar@almunecar.
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