Cultural heritage

Medieval castle

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This castle on the hill, built in the Caliphate period (9th and 10th centuries), dominates the town. It was renovated in the Nasrid period (13th century). It is about 3,000 m² and it has eleven towers, which were built along its walls at various intervals, two of which are semi-circular in shape.

In the castle’s interior a cistern was found tucked into the rock. It was made with concrete walls and plastered with white mortar. There is another cistern with two corridors connected by three arches and plastered with lime mortar. It is covered with a vaulted ceiling made of stone slabs.

The last excavation took place in 1994 and exposed part of the interior’s layout, bringing a street and the remains of some houses into view.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Píñar
Postcode: 18568
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