Manuel de Falla Museum

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The great composer Manuel de Falla, born in Cádiz, lived in this house with his sister, María del Carmen, between 1922 and 1939. The house, which contains the museum, is a typical construction of the area. The special ambiance of the house, that inspired the composer, can still be felt today. His works include El Retablo de Maese Pedro, Psyché, Concerto para clave y cinco instrumentos, Soneto a Córdoba, Homenajes a Arbós y Dukas and Atlántida.

It was from here that he undertook his trip to Argentina, leaving behind Granada, the city that he loved so much, as well as all his personal belongings that show us the man he was.

When you visit the Casa Museo Manuel de Falla today, you will learn about the life of a genius and be in a place where some of the most important characters from early 20th-century Spanish cultural history spent their time.


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