Casa-Museo de Federico García Lorca

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This farmhouse is where Federico García Lorca spent his youth. It has been turned into a local museum in memory of the poet, and even his bedroom can be seen, just as he asked his family to do in a letter he sent them.

Located in Valderrubio, the museum building is a traditional farmhouse with two floors. It was built in 1915 on the site of the old house that Federico’s father had converted into their country retreat between 1905 and 1909.

When he lived here, Federico went to the local school, where he came across a travelling theatre company for the first time. This experience awakened his interest in theatre and sowed the seeds of his future creative vocation. Until 1925 he would also spend all his summers here.

The home of Federico García Lorca is designed as a house and as a storage space for the harvest. Annexed to the main building, there is a small house where the housekeeper would have lived. Both houses open onto a large central atrium, where other buildings such as pens and the former stables are located, now used as a theatre and temporary exhibition space.


The renovation of the spaces

The house was made into a museum in the late 1970′s, when there was an increased interest in preserving the memory of Federico García Lorca and his family. For this reason the living areas of the house, filled with so many memories, were restored. They included areas for work, rest, leisure, and for general day-to-day life that was always so inspiring for the poet. Landscapes, local people, customs, local expressions, festivals and popular events are portrayed in many of García Lorca’s works.

On display in the museum are also pieces of furniture, which in some cases had been kept by local residents responsible for looking after the family’s house and land.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Valderrubio
Address: Iglesia, 20
Postcode: 18250


Tel: 958 454217


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