Casa de Mariana Pineda

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This was the last place where Mariana Pineda, a local liberal woman from the 19th century, lived. The headquarters of the European Centre for Women are based here, together with an exhibition space.

Marina Pineda was born in Granada in 1804 and executed here in 1831. She died a Spanish Heroine. Widow and mother of two young children, she was accused of belonging to a liberal conspiracy when it was found out that she had embroidered ‘Law, Liberty, Equality’ on to a banner. Mariana Pineda refused to betray her alleged accomplices and Pedrosa, who was a member of the Chancery of Granada and, according to some accounts, secretly in love with her, ordered her imprisonment. Amid popular protests, Mariana Pineda was tried and sentenced to death by garrotte. She was executed in the Campo del Triunfo in Granada, whilst her embroidered flag was set alight. Mariana Pineda soon became a heroine and martyr of the liberal cause and inspired a number of songs. Federico García Lorca based his play Mariana Pineda on her life.


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