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House, Gardens and Mausoleum of General Narváez

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The house is a construction of the XIX century, residence of the first Duke of Valencia, Ramon Maria de Narváez, also known as “Espadón de Loja”. It is the present headquarters of the City council of the city, it has three plants and a basement, organized around a central courtyard with representative images of important people in Spanish history.

After its restoration in 1993, the construction continues keeping the French style of its original design. The gardens, located in the place of Plines, were the rural residence of the Duke of Valencia, in which the French rationalist geometric taste combines with the romanticism of Anglo-Saxon inspiration of the XIX century. The house, authentic example of Andalusian rural architecture, contains interesting isabelino furniture. It is outstanding the conversion of its oil mill in a small ethnographic museum.

The Mausoleum contains the tomb of the general, head of Government of Isabel II and outstanding figure of the Carlistas Wars. The body of the most tenacious rival of Espartero lies under the work of the sculptor Antonio Moltó, within the chapel-pantheon in which their parents, the counts of Cañada Alta rest, as well as two of their children. The work of the mausoleum shows the figure of Narváez, in Carrara marble, full dress in uniform, under the classic architectonic composition decorated with coats of arms and vegetal motifs.


Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Loja
Postcode: 18300
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