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Casa de Zafra

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This Hispanic-Moorish house, like others in the city, has survived because it was joined to a religious building, in this case to the convent of Santa Catalina de Zafra. Its layout is like that of a typical residential house with a pool in the central courtyard, a double portico and main rooms on the two shorter sides. The changes the house has undergone reflect the urban evolution of the Albaicín district in the early 15th century. When the top floor was added, the south portico was changed and corridors were added along the longer sides. Since its restoration in 1989, the house is entered through a pointed door, next to which there are remains of another door dating back to Moorish times. Here you will see important examples of carved ceilings and Moorish decorative painting that are still well preserved.

Casa de Zafra houses the Centro de Interpretación of the Albaicín district. It is equipped with the latest technology, offering visitors a tour of the neighbourhood so highly prized by UNESCO.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
Address: Portería de la Concepción, 8
Postcode: 18010


Tel: 958 180079
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