Casa de La Palma

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This house was built on the site of a sugar mill, which belonged to a Moor, but was confiscated by the Crown. Later the house was leased to Lucas Palma, a merchant from Genoa, after the uprising of 1569. From the mid-17th century to the mid-19th century it was owned by the Victoria family.

In 1983 the house became the property of the municipality and after its restoration it became a cultural centre. It is now used as the headquarters of UNED, the municipal library and archives of Motril. The building is U-shaped and has three storeys. A watchtower was added to the central part of the façade in the mid-19th century. The tower is now known as the “Casa del Reloj de Victoria”. It is partially preserved and houses the Museo Preindustrial de la Caña de Azúcar (The Museum of Pre-industrial Sugarcane).


Region: Costa Tropical
Municipality: Motril
Address: Marquesa de Esquilache, 4
Postcode: 18600
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