Cultural heritage

Carrera del Darro

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This is probably the most beautiful street in Granada. It runs from the Albaicín quarter to the Alhambra, along the Río Darro, connecting Plaza Nueva with Paseo de los Tristes. There was a time when the river was called the GoldenRiver or the River Aurus by the local people. It flowed through the centre of the medieval city and was crossed by numerous bridges such as the Cadí bridge, which connected the Albaicín district with the Alhambra. Another bridge is the Puente del Aljibillo, that still stands today and leads to the Fuente de Avellano, which was the meeting point of the Cofradía del Avellano brotherhood, a literary group led by Ángel Ganivet.

Here, art, history and myth all come together, inspiring so many artists.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
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