Cultural heritage

Capilla de San Vicente

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This is a family house, otherwise known as the Casa del Santo (House of the Saint), located near the local parish church and in whose prayer room, supposedly, the mummified body of St Vicente is kept. There is a coat of arms on the doorway and inside there is a small chapel, where the mummified body of the martyr St Vicente is worshipped. It is displayed in a glass box, lying on cushions and adorned with the uniform of the Roman army, including helmet and sword. It is said that the remains belonged to the family of Don Diego Sánchez Mocho, who brought them from Rome in exchange for a donation to the Vatican. It reached La Malahá in the 18th century and since then the local inhabitants have worshipped it.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: La Malahá
Postcode: 18130
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