La Calahorra Castle

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This castle is built on the only hill at the foot of Sierra Nevada that looks over the extensive plain of the Marquesado del Zenete. The Castillo de La Calahorra was an architectural revolution at the time, as it was the first Renaissance building to be built in Spain, a style that was already hugely popular in Italy. It marks the move away the Gothic aesthetic that was the style prevailing across most of Europe. The castle was built in just three years, between 1509 and 1512.

It is a rectangular shaped building, flanked by four cylindrical towers with cupolas. The pain bulkiness of the outside hides a magnificent and elegant Renaissance inner courtyard spread out over two floors, with a double balcony with beautiful balustrades of Carrara marble and a staircase of great artistic value. The extensive inner rooms are covered with diverse caissons.

It has been declared national monument, it belongs to the House of the Duke of the Infantado at the moment and it is in an unbelievable state of abandonment. Although it is a private property, it is possible to visit the interior, not without difficulty, asking for it previously to the person that the proprietors of La Calahorra have in charge.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: La Calahorra
Postcode: 18512
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