Pinos Puente Bridge

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The Puente de Pinos, located in the centre of the town, runs over the Río Cubillas, and gives the town its name. It was built in the Caliphate period, in the 10th century, over ruins that date back to the Visigoth period.

It is made up of three arches of unequal dimensions, the central one of which being the largest (9.8 metres in diameter). The curved arches are made of stone blocks and laid out in a stretcher bond pattern. The arches are rounded on the side against the current and square on the other side.

Over one of the arches there used to be a small defensive tower that was destroyed in 1431. It was replaced in the 18th century by a small chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Angustias, the patron saint of the town.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Pinos Puente
Postcode: 18240
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