Cultural heritage

Barrio de las Cuevas

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This is a group of houses dug into the earth that forms a unique neighbourhood, creating a small ‘troglodytic’ town. They were dug out of the soft clay soil at the time of the Reconquista and were used as refuges and homes by the Moors.

The first caves were created in the Cerro de San Marcos hill and by the Fuente de Maese Pedro. Currently, the area is home to many local people. The beautiful natural viewpoints, such as the Cuatro Veredas and San Fandila, are truly breath-taking.

The caves are scattered in an ad hoc fashion, forming a semi-circle facing the southeast and southwest. Interestingly, the caves are warm in winter and cool in summer and are connected by higgledy-piggledy roads and paths.


Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Guadix
Postcode: 18500
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