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The Spa of Graena is situated to the north of the province of Granada and is completely surrounded by spectacular mountainous landscape. At 950 metres above sea level, it is set in Baños de Graena, in the district of Cortes y Graena, and enjoys a warm, dry climate.

Season: From March to November

The Baths of Lapiecus
The Romans and Muslims discovered long ago the healing properties of its crystalline waters and springs, legacy of the River Fardes as it passes through Cortes y Graena. There is documented evidence that the baths were extensively used before the conquest of Granada. In 1495 the “Orders of Queen Isabel” stipulated that good use was to be made of the baths.

Until the 16th century, the baths were known as the Baños de Alhama, but from the 17th century they were called the Baths of Lapiezus or Lapiecus, until finally they were given their current name: Graena.

The spa’s facilities have also evolved, adapting gradually to modern needs. Thus, in the 19th century the establishment was reduced to two sections: one for men, the other for women. The use of the waters was free until the 1890s, when the government imposed a fee of 8 reales per person. The spa staff were also rewarded with one real per bath, whilst handicapped users had to pay an extra real per day to be carried in seats.

The abundant, hyperthermal waters emerge at 44 ºC. They are rich in iron, chloride, sulphate, calcium and magnesium.

Facilities and treatments
Aguas Termales de Graena, S.A is actually owned by the Cortes y Graena Town Council. It is a spa and recreational complex that  includes various baths, pools or cisterns with capacity for 5 people, saunas, steam rooms, cubicle showers, jets (one of which is a blitz jet douche), inhalers, and massage or mud wrap rooms, as well as group and individual flotation tanks, all of which are used by the professionally trained staff.

Its waters are especially prescribed for rheumatic problems (arthrosis, arthritis, osteoporosis, neuralgias, and muscular lesions), respiratory complaints (chronic bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, and rhinitis), skin lesions, and neuro-psychiatric disorders (neurosis, stress).



Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Cortes y Graena
Address: San Antonio, 5
Postcode: 18517


Tel: 958 670 681
Web: Acceder a su web
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