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There are several springs that arise to a permanent temperature of 35 degrees in this spa, which has always had great fame by its therapeutic effects against the rheumatic and skin diseases. The mining-medicinal properties of thermal waters are united to the quality of its modern facilities and the excellence of the natural place where it is framed.

Centuries of history
Alicún is a fine example of the symbiosis between the past and the future, and the mixture of cultures which discovered the mineral and medicinal properties of its water springs. The archaeological remains found nearby, including various dolmens and a necropolis dating from the second Iron Age, confirm that the area was inhabited during the prehistoric times by peoples who sought the heat of its thermal waters.

Amid the foundations of the spa’s current facilities, vestiges of old adobe water channels from the Roman era havebeen found which demonstrate that the waters of Alicún de las Torres were used for therapeutic purposes around the 3rd century AD.

Under the Muslims, the humble character of these baths remained unchanged. They retained the single outdoor cistern which was used to store the water, although it is possible that some facilities to accommodate bathers were built on the site on which the Hotel Reina Isabel now stands.

The first written reference to the spa dates from documents giving account of the distribution of re-conquered territories granted by the Catholic Monarchs to members of the nobility and knights who helped to attain the capitulation of the Kingdom of Granada. The baths changed hands frequently for over a century and Bazán, Torcharolo and Bracamonte are just some of the names of aristocratic families which owned them. In the middle of the 16th century the baths passed into the hands of the Marquis of Santa Cruz, whose descendants retained the right of ownership until the 19th century.

Later, following the trends and fashions from the North of Spain and the French and Italian parts of the Mediterranean, the spa was completely rebuilt with an open air pool and ample individual booths, which are similar to the ones in use today, being added to the original structure. In 1870 its waters were declared a Public Utility.

The water comes out at 34.5 ºC, and in terms of its chemical composition, it is classified as sulphur, calcium, and magnesium rich.

Facilities and treatments
Now owned by the company Aginse, S.L., this spa-tourist resort covers some 80 hectares and all its facilities are internally linked to the Hotel Reina Isabel. Its ample gardens include two outdoor pools which are supplied via waterfalls and a jet system with water from the hot spring.

Its wide ranging therapeutic treatments include a jet system with variable water pressure, steam baths, a stove, inhalations, aerosols, micronised showers, manual massages, chiromassage, parafango treatments, electro-medicine and flotation treatment in a high capacity 1,200 litre tank which is fed at 20 litres per second by water from one of the springs which supplies the spa.

The thermal waters of Alicún have beneficial effects on chronic, degenerative and inflammatory types of rheumatism, chronic respiratory and skin problems, disorders of the digestive system, metabolic problems related to alterations in uric acid, neurosis, and stress.



Region: Guadix and El Marquesado
Municipality: Villanueva de las Torres
Address: Carretera de Gorafe, s/n.
Postcode: 18539


Tel: 958 694 022
Web: Acceder a su web
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