Feria de otoño (La fuente del vino)

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In October Cádiar celebrates the traditional autumn festival in honour of Santo Cristo de la Salud. In1967 a novelty that would become the main attraction of the event was introduced. A fountain with two taps was installed; one of the taps poured out wine during every day of the holiday, and the other supplied water to wash the glasses.

It was the local poet Enrique Morón and some of his friends who had the idea of the wine fountain. The local council installed it two years later. Since that time he has been responsible for the assembly of the contraption. The source is supplied with local wine produced on the Cortijos de la Contraviesa. Each year the contents of an entire vat is consumed during the festivities.


Region: Alpujarra and Valle de Lecrín
Municipality: Cádiar
Postcode: 18440


Tel: 958768031
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