Palacio Arzobispal del Cuzco

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The Palacio del Cuzco was built as a summer residence in 1795 for Don Juan Manuel de Moscoso y Peralta, who was bishop of Cuzco at the time and soon to become the archbishop of Granada.

Next to the garden there is an exceptionally beautiful complex of buildings, clearly inspired by the Italian style. Declared an official national monument, the palace is attached to the parish church; its original 2500 m2 of living space are still preserved today and are divided between ground, middle and upper floors.

Many of its original features still remain. These include the fresco paintings and the wooden doors decorated with gold leaf metal work. The upper gallery of the eastern façade is decorated with Italianate murals. One of the highlights of the Palacio is the gardens that were created at the same time the palace was built. Magnolias, cypresses and banana trees all grow here amid fountains and many other water features.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Víznar
Postcode: 18179
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