Museum of Galera Archeology

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This museum opened in July 2001 in the old convent of Cristo Rey. It houses objects belonging to almost all periods of historical importance in this region, where some of the first settlers in Europe lived.

The oldest exhibits are about 4500 years old and the newest date back to the Medieval period. The artefacts belonged to private collections of local townspeople who had been collecting interesting objects over the years. The collection includes pieces from the Copper Age, the Argar culture, the Bronze Age and successive settlements of Iberians, Romans, Visigoths and Muslims.

In November 2002 this mummy appeared at the site of Castellón Alto with two others, one of them partially mummified. It retains body tissues and traces of skin and hair. The excellent preservation of the burial remains are unparalleled in Spain and have revealed many aspects of the ancient culture that was previously unknown. The original remains of the tomb are on display at the Museum of Galera.

Near Galera is the important archaeological site of the Iberian Necropolis Tútugi (in the Cerro del Real), which has a number of different types of tombs. The Dama de Galera (literally the Lady of Galera) was found at this site. It is a Phoenician figurine from the 7th century BC made of alabaster, probably representing the goddess Astarte. The lady is sitting between two sphinxes holding a bowl. The liquid poured into the bowl comes out of her breasts, which was part of a ritual act, influenced by Mesopotamian culture, whilst her costume and hair show Egyptian influences. As it is a religious or sacred object, it passed through several generations and was used as funerary equipment. The original is currently being exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum of Spain in Madrid, but there is also a copy in this museum.


Region: El Altiplano: Baza and Huescar
Municipality: Galera
Postcode: 18840


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