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Moorish cisterns in Albaicín

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The bubbling sound of water, which epitomises Granada and brings to mind memories of the Nasrid kingdom, is heard in the numerous Moorish cisterns (aljibes) that are still so well preserved. They were often located in the courtyard of mosques and used for ablution before prayer time, while others channelled water to the houses and stood in public squares or beside the gates within the city walls.

The 28 cisterns which remain from mediaeval times – in the districts of Albaicín and Realejo, inside the Alhambra and in the city centre – are undoubtedly the most valuable of all those discovered in the historic cities of Al-Andalus. Some of these cisterns, such as the Aljibe del Peso de la Harina or the one located in the Plaza del Abad, are still in use today.


Region: Granada and its surroundings
Municipality: Granada
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