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The Alhama de Granada spa is situated at approximately 850 metres above sea level and is surrounded by a beautifully lush wooded area, ideal for rest and relaxation. The area has a mild climate, has many hours of sunshine per year, reaches pleasant temperatures during the summer months (around 19ºC), with hardly any strong winds.

Season: From March to November

Ancient origins
The Balneario de Alhama is located on the outskirts of the village, whose origins can be traced back to early antiquity. The Romans discovered these hot springs and were well aware of their healing properties. Thermal baths were highly prized in this period and in the times of Caesar Augustus (1st century AD) the precious waters were channelled from the original spring via a cistern.

The Muslims built a place for rest and relaxation on the same site and constructed some public baths around the source of the spring. The Almohad cistern dates back to the 12th century and has been declared a site of Cultural Interest. It is preserved inside the spa and is one of the finest examples if its kind from this time. Its beautiful caliphate-style arches rest upon the Roman foundations, covered by a vaulted ceiling with skylights which bring natural light into the building to create unusual effects on the water that change depending on the time of the day.

The warm waters of the oldest spring of Alhama come from beneath the baths. In 1884 an earthquake unearthed another spring that is a kilometre and a half away from the original one.

During the 19th century the baths enjoyed a golden age as a result of the booming interest in thermal waters in Europe. Important figures from Spain and other countries, such as the Frenchman Téophile Gautier, visited the spa, which became one of the most important of its kind in Andalusia.


There are two hyper-thermal springs, the Alhama Viejo and Alhama Nuevo. They both supply a lot of water at temperatures that remain unchanged all year round (between 47ºC and 49ºC). The waters are rich in sulphate, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate.

Facilities and treatments
Around each of the springs buildings have been constructed to treat and accommodate guests. They are separated from each other by beautiful riverside gardens, walks and a park. In these modern facilities, qualified professional staff provide treatments including jet and circular showers, underwater massage treatments, steam and Finnish saunas, full body mud and seaweed wraps, hydromassage and seaweed baths, jacuzzis, aerosol therapy, and aromatherapy.

The healing waters are highly recommended for the treatment of degenerative mobility diseases, especially arthritis; both the properties, and  the particularly high temperatures of the waters help reduce symptoms. The waters help treat respiratory problems (bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma) and stress disorders.

The comprehensive health and beauty services on offer cater for every budget, all time requirements and, of course, the medical needs of our guests.  In addition to the 4-day thermal breaks and the shorter stays for those who opt for a health & beauty package, we also offer treatments, which are specially designed for people with rheumatic illnesses (e.g. our 1-week Rheumatology Programme) or respiratory problems (e.g. our 1-week Respiratory Programme).



Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Alhama de Granada
Address: Ctra. del Balneario, s/n.
Postcode: 18120


Tel: 958 350 011- 958 350 366
Web: Acceder a su web
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