The Alcazaba, the military and administrative centre of the large medieval town, still maintains its ruinous look from the times of Philipp II. The town was first built in 895 and continued to expand until the 18th century.

A substantial part of the medieval wall, the Torre Ochavada tower, an excellently preserved cistern and the ruins of the interior of a town building still remain today. It takes time to imagine the appearance of the town when it was practically inaccessible. Inside the town you can see the Nasrid cistern made up of three sections and part of the building of the Alcazaba. Some of the building’s interior still stands as does the magnificent octagonal cupola and the monumental entrance arch.

Here there is also network of watchtowers dating back to the Nasrid period. These towers were built along the border of the Kingdom of Granada. This defensive series of structures was hugely important as it helped to control possible enemy movements during the war of Granada. Other types of towers can also be seen in in completely different places, such as on the plains or next to farmhouses. Locals used these types of towers as a place of refuge.


Region: Poniente Granadino
Municipality: Loja
Postcode: 18300
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