Roman Acueduct

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Built in the first century A.D. this, together with the salt factory, is the largest and best-preserved Roman structure in Almuñécar.

The aqueduct supplied water to the Roman city of Sexi, modern-day Almuñécar. It was subsequently used in the water transport system devised by the Moors and even today some of its sections are used for irrigation purposes.

With five sections of the aqueduct still standing, this is the best-preserved aqueduct in Andalucía. The first three sections are called Torrecuevas I, II and III. The fourth section is the Carrera de la Concepción that leads down towards the Río Seco. The fifth section is the highest part of the aqueduct and runs along the bed of the Río Verde in the Torrecuevas neighbourhood.

The springs that filled the aqueduct were located in the area of La Angostura, in part of the Río Verde near Jete. Here, at the highest point, the water tank was located. Other than the underground pipes and the sections that are still standing and in use, there used to be several more areas that were served by this aqueduct.


Region: Costa Tropical
Municipality: Almuñécar
Postcode: 18690
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