Types of tickets

Types of tickets

There are several types of tickets:

Alhambra General:

It includes the visiting areas of the citadel, the Nasrid palaces, the Generalife, the Mosque baths and the gardens.

  • Price: €14.00

Gardens, Generalife and Alcazaba:

During the day it is possible to visit the main gardens only.  The gardens open to visitors are:

  • Alhambra (Paseo de los Cipreses, Secano, Jardines de San Francisco); the citadel, El Partal (Pórtico del Palacio, gardens and walks, Rauda, Palacio de Yusuf III, Paseo de las Torres); and the Generalife (Jardines Bajos).
  • Price: €7.00

Night visit to the Nasrid Palaces:

This only includes a visit to the Nasrid Palaces. Limited capacity.

  • Price: 8,00 euros

Night visit to the Generalife gardens:

  • Price: 5,00 euros

Ticket reductions:

  • EU citizens over 65 years old: €9.00
  • EU Youth Card holders: €9.00
  • Disables visitors: €8.00
  • 11-year-old children and under accompanied by parents, relatives or legal guardians: Free
  • General ticket for children between the ages of 12 and 15 accompanied by parents, relatives or legal guardians: €8.00
  • Visitors must access the visiting areas of the monument during the visiting hours specified on their ticket (morning, afternoon or night). Once the visitors are inside the monument, they can stay as long as it is open.

The Alhambra offers an optional audio guide service.

For more information go to: www.alhambra-patronato.es

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