Turismo religioso

Purple tunics and aubergine-coloured masks with a golden sash.

Sometimes there are no candles at other times there are white candles – it depends on the section of the route.

Vía Crucis

Real Hermandad del Santo Vía Crucis, Cofradía de Nazarenos de Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Amargura, María Santísima de las Lágrimas y Nuestra Señora de los Reyes.

Iglesia de San Juan de los Reyes, from the side chapel (two floats).

Where to see it:
The departure from Calle San Juan de los Reyes and the return from the Carrera del Darro, where you can hear the prayers.

Representing Jesus carrying the cross on his shoulders, with a sad look in his eyes. He is exhausted due to its heavy weight as he walks to Calvary.

José de Mora (17th century)

Second float:
Virgen de los Reyes, with both hands placed together at waist level.

Pedro de Mena (17th – 18th century).

Penitents: 70

Assistant dressers: 40


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