Turismo religioso

Black with yellow satin masks; black and yellow ribbons to tie the robes. Black capes for the special penitents.

Lamps are used in the first section and white candles in the second section.

Soledad de San Jerónimo

Pontificia y Real Cofradía y Hermandad de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad y Descendimiento del Señor

Monasterio de San Jerónimo (two floats).

Where to see it:
As it exits from the monastery, so you can catch a glimpse of the beautiful courtyard.

First float:
Representing the dead Jesus being transported to the sepulchre. It is the only float with live characters in the Holy Week processions.

The image is by Pablo de Rojas, dating back to the 16th century.

Second float:
Virgen de la Soledad, kneeling with her arms crossed and holding the three nails of the crucifixion.

José de Mora (1671).

Penitents: 140

Assistant dressers: 60


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