Turismo religioso

Red with red textile masks, sashes and white capes.


Santa Cena

Muy Ilustre y Real Cofradía de Nazarenos de la Santa Cena Sacramental y María Santísima de la Victoria.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo. Parroquia de Santa Escolástica (two floats).

Where to see it:
At the start and the on its return through the Realejo district and at the entrance through Plaza de Isabel la Católica.

First float:
Representing the moment of the institution of the Eucharist during the Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples.

The group is by Eduardo Espinosa Cuadros (1926-1928).

Second float:
María Santísima de la Victoria.

Author of the image:
Eduardo Espinosa Cuadros (1936)

Penitents: 80

Assistant dressers: 60


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