Turismo religioso

Black with purple masks and red ribbons to tie their robes.

No candles for the penitents and white candles for the assistant dressers.

La Cañilla

Cofradía del Señor de la Humildad, Soledad de Nuestra Señora y Dulce Nombre de Jesús.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo (two floats).

Where to see it:
At its departure and the return through the Santo Domingo district and in particular as it passes through the Plaza de los Girones and the Calle Ancha de Santo Domingo.

Representing the scene of the coronation of Jesus with the crown of thorns. Jesus carries a cane in His hand as a sceptre in the presence of two executioners, one of them a Roman and the other one a Sanhedrin.

Christ is made by an anonymous artist from the 17th century while the rest of the figures are by Espinosa Cuadros (1927) y Ángel Asenjo (1999-2001).

Second float:
Soledad de Nuestra Señora, full image without a canopy.

Manuel González (18th century)

Penitents: 150

Assistant dressers: 80


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