Turismo religioso

White tunic with a train, white mask, a ribbon to tie their robes (esparto cíngulo) and hazelnut-coloured sandals.

White and red.

Jesús Despojado

Hermandad del Santísimo Sacramento y Real Cofradía de Nazarenos de Nuestro Padre Jesús Despojado de sus Vestiduras, María Santísima del Dulce Nombre y San Juan Evangelista.

Iglesia Parroquial de San Emilio. Departure from the Brotherhood house (one float).
Where to see it:
As it passes though the Calle San Antón and the salute to the Brotherhood of Cristo de San Agustín in the same street.
First float:
Representing Jesus being stripped of his clothes on Calvary. He appears with two executioners, Simon of Cyrene and Mary Magdalene.
Author of the image:
Manuel Ramos Corona (1981- 2001).
Penitents: 120


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