Turismo religioso

Red velvet tunics with scarlet satin masks and golden sashes.


Jesús del Rescate

Cofradía de Nuestro Padre Jesús del Rescate

Iglesia Parroquial de Santa María Magdalena (one float).

Where to see it:
On its return through the district and its arrival at the Plaza Jesús del Rescate, where you can hear the saetas being sung to the Christ.

Representing Ecce-homo with tied hands at waist level.

Attributed to José de Mora, although the latest research attributes it to his brother Diego (18th century). Bárbara Hasbach restored it in 1998.

Interesting details:
This Christ is the one the most deeply respected in the city of Granada. The hand-embroidered tunics of the brotherhood are remarkable and every year the image wears a different tunic. During the rest of the year, the image is dressed in a Trinitarian scapular. Last year the platform bearers changed the way they carried it, now they bear it one their shoulders using a protective padding.


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