Turismo religioso

Brown tunics with white masks and ribbons to tie their robes.

Red for the penitents and white for the assistant dressers (camareras).

Jesús Cautivo

Hermandad Sacramental de San Francisco de Asís y Santa Clara y Real Cofradía de Penitencia de Nuestro Padre Jesús Cautivo y Maria Santísima de la Encarnación.

Jesús Cautivo

Where to see it:
Its departure from the Sagrario, because of the beauty of the surroundings, and/or on the way under the façade of the Cathedral Metropolitana.

First float:
Representing Jesus being stripped of his clothes on Calvary. He appears with two executioners, Simon of Cyrene and Mary Magdalene.

Antonio Dubé de Luque (1982).

Second float:
María Santísima de la Encarnación.

Author of the image:
Antonio Dubé de Luque (1982).

Penitents: 90

Assistant dressers: 90


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