Turismo religioso

Black tunics, blue satin masks, blue silk cord belts. Black satin capes with embroidered badges for the special penitents.


Cristo de la Redención

Real Cofradía de Penitencia del Santísimo Cristo de la Redención y Nuestra señora de la Salud.

Iglesia de María Auxiliadora (P.P. Salesianos), Zaidín, (two floats).

Where to see it:
As it departs from and returns through the Zaidín district.

First float:
Representing the crucified Christ on the Cross.

Antonio Fernández Díaz (1984). It was restored in 2001 by Francisco Marín, who altered the cross.

Second float:
Nuestra Señora de la Salud.

Antonio Díaz Fernández (1984). Israel Cornejo (2008).

Penitents: 150

Assistant dressers: 80

Interesting details:
The Brotherhood was not able to stop at the station of Penitence for the last two years because of heavy rain. Last year, for its 25th anniversary, it could not go out either.


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