Turismo religioso

Black with black masks and black ribbons to tie the robes in the in the section of Christ; Blue tunics with blue masks and blue ribbons in the canopy section.

No candles in the first section and white in the second.


Hermandad de Penitencia de Nuestro Padre Jesús del Amor y la Entrega y María Santísima de la Concepción

Starting time

Start: 4.45pm; Start of the official route: 7:30pm; Cathedral doors: 8.25pm; End of official route: 11.59am.


Plaza de la Concepción, Portería de la Concepción, Concepción de Zafra, Carrera del Darro (17:15), Plaza de Santa Ana, Plaza Nueva (18:05), Reyes Católicos, Colcha, Padre Suarez, San Matías (18:45), Plaza de Mariana Pineda, Ángel Ganivet (Tribuna Oficial), Puerta Real de España, Recogidas, Alhóndiga, Jáudenes, Marqués de Gerona, Plaza de las Pasiegas, Santa Iglesia Catedral, Cárcel Baja, Gran Vía de Colón, Cárcel Baja, Elvira (21:45), Plaza Nueva, Plaza de Santa Ana (22:35), Carrera del Darro, (22:45), Concepción de Zafra, Portería de la Concepción, Plaza de la Concepción, a su templo.

Monasterio de la Concepción (two floats).

Where to see it:
On its descent through Calle Concepción de Zafra, where the street is very narrow; and on its return through the Carrera del Darro and its arrival at the monastery.

First float:
Representing Jesus carrying the cross, crowned with thorns.

Miguel Zúñiga Navarro (1983).

Second float:
María Santísima de la Concepción.

Antonio López Azaustre (1978).

Penitents: 120

Assistant dressers: 70

Interesting details:
The Brotherhood presented a project last year to alter the float of the Christ, which will take six years to complete. The design is by José Manuel Martínez, inspired by Manuel Amador Moya. The goldsmith working on the project is Emilio León, from the workshop of Manuel Aroz. The religious images are by Alfonso Castellano.


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