Turismo religioso

A cortege of Hebrew children. Penitents wear blue tunics, white masks and a sash.

White. The children carry palm leaves.


Ilustre Cofradía de la Entrada de Jesús en Jerusalén y Nuestra Señora de la Paz

Iglesia Parroquial de San Andrés Apóstol. (two floats).


First float:
Representing Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Jesus appears on the back of a donkey; accompanied by the apostles Peter, John and James. The figures that complete the scene are a Hebrew woman and a girl and Zacchaeus, who climbed up a palm tree.

Eduardo Espinosa Cuadros (1917) and the donkey were made by Francisco Muñoz in 1947. The other figures were made by Ángel Asenjo.

Second float:
Nuestra Señora de la Paz.

Author of the image:
Antonio Dubé de Luque in 1974.

Penitents: 150

Assistant dressers: 80

Interesting details:
It has the highest number of children partipating in the procession in all Granada. It is also the opening procession of Holy Week.


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