Celebrations and festivals

Celebrations and festivals

Cattle Royal Fair


This Cattle Fair takes place in October and it is considered as one of the most important ones of Spain.

Celebration in honour of San Antonio Abad


In May it takes place the celebration of San Antonio Abad. This day they do a romeria to the recreational area of the Bacal, where the villagers spend the day in contact with nature and together.

Celebration in honour of San Blas

Villanueva de las Torres

The celebration of San Blas was moved to August because the inhabitants of Villanueva take advantage of the villagers who are out of the village during the year and come back for their holidays to have the celebrations with more [...]

Celebration in honour of San Francisco Serrano


This celebration coincides with the Fair of October. It has in its program, among other events, the procession of San Francisco, dance and popular games, sport competitions, theatre for adults and for kids and popular street market. They cook and [...]

Celebration in honour of San Joaquín and Santa Ana


The patron celebrations of Maracena are in honour of the parents of the Virgin with lithurgical acts and popular night parties.

Celebration in honour of San Pedro


Los Castillas, pedania of Albuñol, celebrates its traditional patron celebrations in honour of San Pedro from the 27th to the 29th of June. San Pedro, from its hermitage, is witness of how the kids of Los Castillas take the first [...]

Celebration in honour of San Sebastian


There is a mass in honour of San Sebastian, being the carving taken out in a parade around the village later.

Celebration in honour of Santa Ana


During the last weekend of July several religious act in honour of Santa Ana are celebrated, and they get complemented with other sport activities like tennis, football or bowls tournaments and trial and bicycle exhibitions. During these days you can [...]


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